Billing and payment

Do you accept insurance?

I accept Blue Cross and will bill BC insurance for you. I am no longer able to bill other insurances. I offer a discounted cash rate for those persons whom I don’t take their insurance, are out of network, have a very high deductible and do not want to use their insurance. Please keep in mind it is up to you to verify physical therapy benefits, number of treatments allowed and deductible amounts and co-pays.

Do you accept patients covered under Workers Compensation and are your services covered?

I accept Workers Compensation (WC) patients on a limited basis and my physical therapy services are covered. However, as a WC patient, you can only see one physical therapist in a given time period. Currently acupuncture is not covered under Wyoming WC, however, if physical therapy is provided and billed, acupuncture can be an added treatment modality.

Do you accept Medicare/Medicaid?

I am not a Medicare/Medicaid provider and therefore my services are not covered. Unfortunately due to Medicare/Medicaid rules, since I am not a provider, secondary medical insurance will also not cover my services. I do offer a cash discount, however, and a sliding scale fee where needed.

What form of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and personal checks. I also accept HSA debit cards and all other credit cards for a small service fee.