I have been incorporating orthotics into my physical therapy practice for over 30 years. Up until about 15 years ago, I had minimal success helping people with various problems using orthotics until I discovered Sole Supports orthotics. I am a trained, certified provider in Sole Supports technology and have had amazing success using their technology to produce the only truly custom calibrated orthotic on the market today.

Custom Orthotics can help greatly reduce foot pain, knee and hip pain and even lower back pain. Our feet are like the foundation of a house – if they are “out of balance” then it effects the rest of the chain up to our spine. Orthotics are not needed by everyone. Often treatment and exercises can be done to help restore better support to the foot. But there are times when the structure of the foot cannot be improved upon enough to off-set the abnormal forces going to the joints of your knees, hips and spine. In these cases a custom-fit orthotic can be quite valuable. Especially for people who are on their feet a lot!

Sole Supports custom orthotics are a unique design in orthotic engineering. Unlike many other orthotics, Sole Supports support the foot and arch throughout the entire gait cycle. The average orthotic provides support for only 10-20% of the time. This fact can be observed through a test called the Fowler test as explained below:

  • Hold the orthotic against the arch
  • Roll the foot forward up onto the toes (toe off position in walking)
  • The orthotic should match up with your arch in this position as well as when the foot is on the ground

Sole Supports orthotics will remain in contact with your arch while many other brands of orthotics will show a space between the device and your foot. If the orthotic is not matching perfectly with your foot through the entire gait cycle, then there is less support provided to the foot and less shock absorption.

Sole Supports have an inherent flexibility providing shock absorption during dynamic activity (jumping, running, etc.).
The orthotic shell is extremely durable and all of the correction is built into the device versus using external posting like many other orthotic brands. The external posting can wear down over time and then the orthotics need to be replaced much sooner.

How do I know if the orthotics I have are truly custom and effective?

Ask yourself the following questions: When your orthotics arrived, were they a perfect match to your corrected foot shape (especially arch)? Did they take some time to get used to, eventually becoming very comfortable? Did your pain go away? Was a mold taken of your feet in sitting, with each foot carefully guided to get the correct casting?

Buyer be ware – fancy machines do not mean the best product nor a customized product. It is impossible to capture the individual qualities of your feet, including arch height, by standing or walking on a device.

Many ‘orthotics’ are pre-fabricated plastic or foam devices that are made before the lab knows anything about your feet and your problem. ‘Customized’ simply does not mean custom.

How much do they cost?

Our prices are very reasonable:  $289 for the initial evaluation, casting and the first pair of Sole Supports. There is a free initial fitting and  free adjustments if needed (most of the time no adjustment is needed). Additional pairs of Sole Supports are $189. Sole Supports come in a normal width and depth that are for tennis shoes, hiking boots, etc. There is no need to buy a larger size shoe – they are designed to fit your feet and shoe size. They are also available in a lower profile, narrower style for men’s and women’s dress shoes.

For more information, click here and then check out solesupports.com.